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Original Soundtrack - composition & production
Excerpt from the short film by Emilie K. Beck
Track: "Oh My Love"


Original score for the film "As The Crow Flies", co-produced by Red Bull Media House & Pirate Movie Production.
Directors: Basti Balser & Florian Eckhardt
Soundtrack available at


Music composition + Sound design
Agency: Dinamo (Oslo)
Production company: Babusjka AS
Director: Thomas Anker
Producer: Hakon Sørensen


Client: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Production company: Freestudios (Geneva, Switzerland)
Director: Olivier Pictet
This short film tells the story of the prestigious watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre from his creation to today.


Original Score / Track: "Superslide" by The Hypnotizer
Directed by Michael Pfleghar
Post Production: Hocus Focus AS


Production: Freestudios (Geneva, Switzerland)

Client: Rip Curl

Duration: 26 minutes

Director: Olivier Pictet

« With each era our passion has known, people have pushed the limits of exploration and innovation to new boundaries. Like a snowball thrown over the ledge before a cliff drop, they laid the paths to our Search and sent us in new directions. 

It is with great pleasure that Rip Curl brings you its latest movie release “The Search - Stepping Stones”, a true quest for the modern day backcountry experience.

Join riders Victor De Le Rue, Nils Arvidsson, Wiley Tesseo, Emilien Badoux and skiers Sam Favret, Chris Booth and Mat Bijasson as they RV through the wonders of British Columbia, go one hill further on the steeps of Alaska and seek the secret gems of Chamonix. See these areas unfold as the Stepping Stones of mountain riding. 

Watch the riders hop from pillow to pillow, connect the dots and create their lines in the true spirit of The Search. »


Production: Pixl Family (Stockholm, Sweden)
Director: Henrik Rostrup

Peak Performance presents 'Between Places', a documentary film about climbing and sailing in Greenland. For those prepared to forego the common precepts of 'adventure', Arctic mountaineering requires dedication into topographical research and desire for something that is real and committing.Director Henrik Rostrup chronicles the adventure of European alpinists Edurne Pasarban, Erwan Le Lann and Martial Dumas, as they set sail on a 10-day expedition onboard the sailboat 'La Louise'.
Sailing and climbing in these areas have not been explored much, it's strange and gorgeous. The skipper, Thierry Dubois is no stranger to these waters, having completed many solo races around the world. He completes the list of the films main characters and provides a perfect balance to the narrative of the story. From the start of the film, each scene seamlessly echoes back and forth between images of the surreal mountains in Greenland. The climbers are older, wiser and more reflected of their past adventures. Their story comes to life with archival footage of past hardships and hand drawn animations. Each of the climbers story flow in-and-out of this voyage through the fjords in this magic land.


Original soundtrack for the 2011 "Alive" snowboarding film
Production: Actionhorse Films & Burn
Agency: Sportsvision (London, UK)
Director: Per-Hampus Stalhandske


Original soundtrack for the full-length film by Blank Paper Studios. 
Original score for the movie trailer.
Directors: David & Boris Benedek, Christoph Weber.
Produced by Blank Paper Studio (Munich, Germany)
Soundtrack: Mellow, Queens Of The Stone Age, Zoot Woman, Toymaker, Grandaddy, Notwist, The Go! Team, Cut Copy, 13&God.